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So today I worked all day to finish my sweets jewelry!!

My back was hurting SOO bad for some reason, so I ended up laying on the floor X'D
I am waaay impressed with my IceCreams, I hadnt imagined them as cute as this! X3
My macarons are..... cute, I guess, but I see them as a bit evil since the little buggers take almost a week to finish! DX
I ran out of varnish about half-way through, so my dad went to get me some more. He got a spray kind... it doesnt work very well, so I ended up using nail-art varnish!
SO onto the pictures! The picture taking process is therapudic for me... Its finally letting me get some sleep over the fact they are all finished.. 2 days after my goal, but oh well. -___-;

Everything together!!
it does NOT look like much DX
That is like.... 5 days of work ;3;  (am I just slow?)
On the DS: Rings- 9 IceCreams and 5 Macarons(I STILL havent received my ring bases >__<)
Cell Straps- 2 macaron, 2 IceCream
Next to the DS: 1 IceCream necklace, and 1 Macaron neckalce

Macaron Ring Close-up
(the top one is PINK not ORANGE lol)

Ice Cream Rings!
My Favorite is the yellow one in the middle XD I dont wan to sell it ;3;

Cell Phone Charms!!
Macaron, Icecream, IceCream, Macaron!

IceCream necklace,
Macaron Necklace!
(I had SO much trouble with theese -__- I don't know why..)

I also have bag pins, but I ran out of beads for the chain, so I am deciding how to finish them XD

Yeah. So, Tell me what you think?
Any Critiques are welcome! I want to improve!!!
Thank you!! ^0^♥
SO CUTE, great job on it all!! Looks like you really worked hard, I'm gonna definitely buy one from you once I allow myself to spend money again. @_@

P.S. Ugh, your V-day gift is gonna be a belated V-day gift. The post office was closed the last two times I went.
I cant allow you to buy one!! ;___; Just tell me what one you like!

That's fine, I can wait :3 ♥
PFFFFFFTTTT I'll buy one because I think they're worth paying for, yo!
Thanks! :D
oh they all look so lovely.

Plus, thank you for the add.
Thanks so much! ♥
That ice cream necklace would go so great with my mint green meta and it looks good enough to eat to boot.
;3; Thanks so much!
I will be posting a sale on egl sales either tomorrow or the next day, hopefully!
Hey girl :3!!! Hope you had a good birthday.

These all look adorable by the way <333

I was walking through target, and one of their photographs for advertising clothing had a group of girls all eating macaroons!!!! Guess they are catching on XD

Thanks! I had a really good birthday! Im 18 now, so I can do all sorts of things on my own XD

wow really?! I guess macaroons are really.. kinda high-class and stuff. plus they are just plain cute.